Featured Student Writers

AJ Trautmann Weightlifting  

AJ Trautmann, from Tallahassee Community College

AJ writes primarily about Weightlifting training.

Quinn McDowell Basketball  

Quinn McDowell, from College of William and Mary

Quinn writes primarily about Basketball training.

Brennen Godeen Football  

Brennen Godeen, from Minnesota State University-Mankato

Brennen writes primarily about Football training.

Tyler Petron Wrestling  

Tyler Petron, from Minnesota State University-Mankato

Tyler writes primarily about Wrestling training.

Cody Brenner Baseball  

Cody Brenner, from Minnesota State University-Mankato

Cody writes primarily about Baseball training.

Tyler Morrissey Football  

Tyler Morrissey, from Des Moines Area Community College

Tyler writes primarily about Football training.

Jordan Ross Hockey  

Jordan Ross, from Grand View College

Jordan writes primarily about Hockey training.

Stephen Alger Wrestling  

Stephen Alger, from Ohio State University-Columbus

Stephen writes primarily about Wrestling training.

Zak Hartzell Soccer  

Zak Hartzell, from Ohio State University-Columbus

Zak writes primarily about Soccer training.

John Wolff Action Sports  

John Wolff, from James Madison University

John writes primarily about Action Sports training.

Dane Youtz Cross Fitness  

Dane Youtz, from Ohio State University-Columbus

Dane writes primarily about Cross Fitness training.

Benjamin Washington Baseball  

Benjamin Washington, from Capital University

Benjamin writes primarily about Baseball training.


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    After working with thousands of new models and college students, we know the concerns, issues and questions many new models have before their first photo shoot. It is normal for even the most macho guy to be nervous prior to his first shoot. We compiled all this training info into “ShootPrep” – our dedicated site for training models with whom we work.

    Our photographer uses ShootPrep.com to train new models before their photo sessions.

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